• Residential Solar


    Engineering, supply and installation of Grid Connected Power Systems (Solar Panels)

  • Commercial


    Engineering, supply and installation of Grid Connected Power Systems (Solar Panels and Wind)

  • Off-grid


    Engineering, supply and installation of Hybrid Power Systems for Off-Grid Locations (Solar Panels, Wind and Diesel).

  • Energy Management

    Energy Management

    Are you searching for better ways to manage your energy consumption? Energy Audits, Load Profiling and Energy Management Plans for commercial operations.

  • Technical Consulting

    Technical Consulting

    Training and Consulting services for Renewable Energy Systems and Energy Efficiency Management.


Ensure your sustainable energy future begins with someone you can trust.

We are a little different at Tropical Energy Solutions, we believe that solar power is part of the solution…not the only solution. This is because we are energy professionals, not just solar retailers or installers. Energy management is more than just installing as many solar modules (more commonly referred to as solar panels) as you can on your roof and hoping for the best. It’s more than just turning off all the lights.  It’s more than not using your air-conditioner to save money on your energy bills and not just about saving the environment.

Energy Management is understanding how you consume your energy, when you consume it and how much you should be consuming. Answering these questions honestly with us will result in a tailored solar solution, along with all the energy management tips and tricks you need to not only save money but become a more efficient energy consumer.

How do we possess this knowledge? Is it experience, training or firsthand knowledge? Well, it’s all of the above. At Tropical Energy Solutions we can say:

  • Our off-grid specialist has lived off-grid for the last 10 years. He understands what it takes to make it work and live a normal family life without compromise or unnecessary expense.
  • Our Auditing, Tariff and Energy Brokerage expert has been operating in the industry for over a decade and has seen it evolve to what we see today. He can leverage this vast experience to deliver high-quality outcomes in any residential, commercial or industrial environment.
  • The business has been operating since 2007, we are firmly rooted in the various communities and industries that we operate in.
  • We employ a range of people from trade qualified electricians, data and communication specialists, auditors and business professionals. This diversity allows us to assess a project from all angles and deliver considered, well-rounded, solutions to your needs.
  • Industry relevant, up-to-date skills and information form the cornerstone of our energy solutions.

We are all of these things and more. Contact us today to find out how Tropical Energy Solutions has delivered savings to countless local homeowners, private/public companies, learning institutions, local councils, and state/federal government agencies by addressing their energy needs through relevant, quantifiable, and manageable solutions.


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