About Us

Tropical Energy Solutions has made a name over the last 11 years for delivering robust, reliable and innovative solutions in the off-grid, residential and commercial energy markets.  Did you know that we also provide turnkey solutions for grid-connected and hybrid energy generation, energy saving and demand management applications.  These markets are not new to us, we have been engaged in all aspects of the energy management and generation sectors and boast an impressive resume of diverse work.

We identify, promote and implement solutions that are clean, reliable and economically viable.

We are focused on delivering products and services that suit tropical environments and conditions.

Predominantly servicing the tropical regions of Australia from offices in Townsville, we work collaboratively with leading manufacturers and their representatives, operating in three core areas:

  1. Technical Services – the engineering, project management and operation of innovative energy solutions including the design, construction and maintenance of renewable energy power systems for remote areas;
  2. Energy Management Services – designing Energy Management Systems, conducting Energy Audits, developing Demand Management Strategies for commercial operations and property developments;
  3. Education Services – the training of personnel in renewable energy generation and sustainable energy management techniques.

Tropical Energy Solutions identifies products, technologies and procedures that have demonstrated their ability to provide reliable energy solutions in non-tropical or semi-tropical environments. These are verified by us against the requirements under tropical conditions and, where necessary, are modified to meet these requirements. In addition, we utilise products and procedures with a proven track record in the tropics.

The provision of affordable energy solutions with positive cost/benefit ratios and the identification of emerging applications and markets is the overarching goal for all our business operations.

Townsville is recognised as Australia’s Centre of Excellence in Tropical Science and Design. It is the engineering and logistics hub for the North Queensland region and Australia’s largest tropical city.

The company’s operation in Townsville enables us to work in a true tropical climate with easy access to the Far North, Torres Straight, Pacific Island and throughout Queensland’s interior while taking advantage of the infrastructure and services of a dynamic industrialised marketplace.

Tropical Energy Solutions is committed to support local business’s and utilising local supply chains where ever our demand for quality product can be met.  We are proud of our “Source North” policy and partner with other business’s that also support this.  We further extend our beliefs to regions that we are working in, choosing to engage trusted local contractors, stay and eat in local hotels and support the small local communities that we are lucky enough to visit.