Energy Brokerage Services

Most people believe that Ergon Energy is the only electricity provider (retailer) in North Queensland.  While this is true for residential and most small business customers, if you are a large business customer (defined as using more than 100,000kWh of electricity per year) there may be an opportunity to realise substantial savings by switching to an alternative retailer.

Our Energy Brokerage Services include:

  • Analysis of historic electricity bill data.
  • Investigating alternative Ergon Energy Retail tariffs for cost savings opportunities.
  • Investigating alternative retailer offers for cost savings opportunities.
  • Investigating Network Tariffs for cost savings opportunities.
  • Account check to ensure correct customer status, tariffs and meter reading are being applied.

How It Works

  • You supply us with the past 12 months of electricity bills or give us authority to gain them from your electricity retailer.
  • We analyse the bill data to gain an indication of what opportunities are available.
  • If there are opportunities for savings, we will clearly outline them, allowing you to make an informed decision.
  • If you decide to proceed, we will confirm the cost savings initiatives.
  • We will only invoice you if we find annual savings of $1,500 or more.

Case Study 1: Farm, North Queensland

This customer had left Ergon Energy for an alternative retailer several years ago.  As part of a broader project to reduce energy costs through energy efficiency initiatives such as lighting and operational changes, we negotiated a new contract with an alternative retailer.

Annual electricity use: 1,244,949 kWh.

Annual cost at Ergon Energy equivalent tariff: $309,848.

Annual cost at current retailer: $291,059

Annual cost at alternative retailer pricing negotiated by Tropical Energy Solutions: $281,459 (year 1), $275,809 (year 2).

Annual savings:

Compared to Ergon Energy: $28,389 (year 1), $34,039 (year 2).

Compared to current retailer: $9,600 (year 1), $15,250 (year 2).


Case Study 2: Restaurant, Townsville

This customer had also left Ergon Energy for an alternative retailer several years ago.  We found that they were being incorrectly charged as a large customer.  We managed the transition from large to small customer status, organised an interim energy contract while this was being processed and negotiated a new small business customer plan.

Annual electricity use: 89,687 kWh.

Annual Cost at current retailer: $34,896.

Annual cost at small business customer plan pricing after reclassification organised by Tropical Energy Solutions:  $21,325.

Annual savings: $13,571.