Commercial Solar

Reduce operating costs with a commercial solar system designed specifically to optimise your business.

With many businesses experiencing rising operating costs, it makes sense to consider all possible cost savings opportunities. Installing a commercial solar power system that includes a good quality inverter and solar modules (more commonly called solar panels) is a great way to reduce your electricity bills.

Finding a tailored solution that delivers the balance between capital expense and return on investment is crucial. With so many tariff and retailer options available to business customers there is a lot more to maximising savings than just installing some solar panels. TES has been delivering business to business solutions for our commercial customers for over a decade and combines our advanced tariff analysis techniques and commercial experience to leverage substantial savings for any operation.

With the end of many transitional Ergon large customer tariffs in 2021 and the transition to demand-based tariffs, solar power systems have become even more relevant. Have you considered how commercial solar and even battery storage can assist with demand management? Do you want to make the most of potential savings before the transition? Do you understand the impact these tariff changes may have on your energy costs?

If you were unable to answer any of these questions, or even if you only paused before answering, you should contact one of our staff to discuss how a suitable, cost effective solar/hybrid solution could benefit your business and return much needed revenue to your bottom line.

At TES we are not just the retail salespeople for these solutions, we are Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited designers and installers, electrical and mechanical tradespeople and most importantly, solar professionals. The same person will handle your project from initial analysis and design to installation and finally to delivery and handover.  We have long standing professional relationships with local suppliers and contractors that allows us to deliver results on time and on budget.  This, with our philosophy of using only high quality inverters and solar panels, means that you will always get the best possible system that will provide maximum electricity cost savings for many years to come.

Contact us today to discuss how a commercial solar system can deliver efficient and green energy to your business.