Albro Station

Albro Station is located 144km north west of Clermont and is used as a breeding block for TVF Pastoral. Albro is serviced by the Ergon SWER network which can produce conditions less than favourable to PV solar installations. The site is decentralised, meaning that the PV array and inverters could not be located in a favourable position in close proximity to the Main Switchboard.

Tropical Energy Solutions with the assistance of Town & Country Electrical (Clermont) installed a 12kWp PV array and 2 x Fronius Primo 5kW string inverters that are export limited to 5kW by a Fronius Smart Meter communicating via a wireless RS485 connection. The wireless connection represented a value for money alternative to trenching the vast distance between the point of supply and the inverter location to accommodate the necessary data cabling.