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Off-grid and Hybrid solar power systems are an extension of a Grid Connected system.  They incorporate solar modules (more commonly referred to as solar panels) and inverters with batteries to store essential (off-grid) or excess (hybrid grid connected) energy collected during the day to power your home, facility or commercial enterprise during the evening or peak demand periods.

A hybrid power system is connected to the grid and can be achieved with a Hybrid inverter, or by the use of a traditional Grid Connect inverter connected to an Off-grid inverter and battery bank.  The second configuration allows a degree of autonomy during weather events when the grid supply can be unreliable.

For customers who have no connection to the grid or no longer wish to purchase grid supplied electricity, off-grid power systems are available. These are also known as Stand Alone Power Systems (SAPS) or Remote Area Power Systems (RAPS).

Because there is no backup power available from the grid, it is extremely important to match the system size with your power requirements. If this is not done correctly, you may end up with an undersized system that cannot meet your power requirements and is constantly overworked, reducing its service life.   This is a very common scenario and is where our experience comes in. We help customers understand their electrical loads and how they use them.

Off-grid systems require a completely different skillset from that of a residential or commercial solar power system retailer/designer. Poor system design and a lack of understanding of ‘what it takes’ to design and install a functional battery storage system results in a system that does not meet the needs of the end user, and will ultimately end in failures and a reduced service life.

We regard ourselves as specialists in this area and have focused on Off-grid and Hybrid power systems since 2007, gaining extensive experience in design and installation from countless projects on remote cattle station homesteads, rural residences, large off-grid commercial operations and city-based systems where owners want to gain energy independence.  At Tropical Energy Solutions we only use high quality solar panels, inverters and batteries for all our power systems

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