Residential Solar

Reduce your energy bills with a residential solar system from TES

Installing a residential solar power system that includes a good quality inverter and solar modules (more commonly called solar panels) is a great way to reduce your electricity bills, take control of how you use energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

It’s not just about chucking some solar panels on the roof and leaving it at that though.  The solar panels will generate plenty of electricity, but it’s how you use that electricity that counts.  We can help you get the greatest savings out of your solar system by making sure that your home uses as much power as possible when the sun is shining on your solar panels.

TES has been delivering residential solutions to the Townsville region and Western Queensland for over 12 years. The secret to our success is that we have always offered affordable, high quality products and installation techniques customised to suit your needs… not ours.

There are many solar companies out there, offering very different levels of service, quality and pricing.  Here is why we believe you should choose us:

  • Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accreditation: We don’t just sell solar; we are accredited system designers and installers. Accredited System Designers and Installers have a certificate and ID card that shows their qualifications.  When someone comes to see you about a solar system ask to see it.
  • We only use high quality products: Yes, they cost a bit more, but you really do get what you pay for.
  • Long standing professional relationships with our electrical partners: We use local suppliers and trades and treat them well. This means you get high quality workmanship and prompt service.
  • Advice based on knowledge, experience and data: If we don’t believe a product suits yours needs; we’ll tell you.
  • 12 years’ operating in North Qld: From Townsville to the Diamantina, to Urandangi, to Thursday Island, and everywhere in between, you will find systems installed by us.
  • We manage all energy cost saving opportunities: Including solar, battery storage, tariff analysis, alternative retailers, energy management and staff training. Solar is not the whole solution and we are more than just a solar company.
  • Maintenance services: We can provide post install inspection and maintenance packages based on your needs and budget.
  • We are truly local: Our office is based in Townsville and you have access to real people whenever you need.

To find out more about we can help you achieve energy freedom, contact one of our friendly staff.