Technical Consulting

Many commercial and government sector customers understand that they require solutions such as solar, battery storage and energy audits to manage their energy use and to reduce costs.

Most, however, do not have the technical, industry or regulatory knowledge and experience to confidently go to market and request these services.  Energy management and renewable power systems are technically complex. Unless you live and breathe it everyday it can be difficult to know what to ask for, and even more difficult to compare the offers received for value for money, system performance and regulatory compliance.

Tropical Energy Solutions offers Technical Consulting Services that ensure you specify and receive the right solutions at the right price.

Our services include:

  • Renewable Power System Design: To ensure that when you go to market you are asking for the most appropriate system for your site and that when quotes/tenders come in they offer comparable system quality, performance and cost parameters.
  • Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies: Particularly important for customers with multiple sites. Available tariffs and individual physical attributes mean that sites with the biggest electricity bills or roof space are not always where the greatest cost savings can be achieved.
  • Energy Efficiency Training: The savings gained from generating electricity on your roof with solar modules (more commonly referred to as solar panels) can be eroded if your staff are wasting electricity underneath it. Giving your employees knowledge of energy efficiency and their roles and responsibilities empowers them to reduce their energy use in the workplace.
  • Drafting Tender Documents: Clear, concise and accurate tender documents facilitate smoother project execution and reduce the need for respondents to increase costs for risk mitigation.
  • Assessment of Tender Submissions: Industry based third party assessment, scoring and recommendations provide you with the robust information required to award tenders.
  • Project Management (including periodic reporting on milestones): Assessing and reporting on each stage of an installation (eg racking, wiring, solar panel installation, inverter connection etc) provides you assurance that your renewable energy projects are being installed to industry best practice without any short-cuts.
  • System Compliance and Performance Testing: Third party testing gives you the confidence that your systems are installed and performing as they should be before taking ownership of them.

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