Lizard Island Research Station – System Upgrade


The Lizard Island Research Station (LIRS) is a unique site that has undergone an extensive expansion in April 2021 with a total project value of $360K. This is a substantial upgrade and will serve the Stations power requirements for at least the next decade. The facilities current load profile incorporates:

  • 37 bed accommodation across 6 houses,
  • 2 self-contained staff accommodation houses,
  • Commercial kitchen,
  • Amenities and ablution block,
  • Workshops,
  • Aquarium system,
  • Saltwater pumps
  • Airconditioned laboratory,
  • Dive shed, and
  • General work area


The upgrade has increased the solar capacity to 99.7kW and the solar will now produce approximately 95% of the station’s electrical needs over the year. The system incorporates as much of the old system as feasible. The upgrade added more solar modules and replaced all the inverters and 20 tonnes of lead acid batteries with current technology. The improvements include:

  • An extra 50% of solar generating capacity
  • Over 200% more usable battery storage capacity
  • 50% more battery inverter capacity
  • Modern battery technology
  • A significantly better communications system

Major components of the new system include:

  • 94 additional solar panels
  • 12 x Fronius solar inverters
  • 80 x 3kWh GenZ Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries
  • 4 battery enclosures
  • 6 x Selectronic SP Pro battery inverters
  • Selectronic Select.Live monitoring system

Tropical Energy Solutions continues to work with the Australian Museum at LIRS, supplying all ongoing system maintenance and electrical upgrades