Energy Management

Tropical Energy Solutions – much more than just a solar installation company.

For most of our customers electricity cost savings opportunities are available through several means including:

Tariff Analysis: In the same way that you choose a mobile phone plan that suits your needs around how much you call, text, use data or international roaming, you can also choose your electricity retail tariff to suit how you use electricity (eg day, night, seasonally, high/low demand).  And as tariff structures and their pricing changes every year it’s something that needs regular attention.  Incorrect tariffs are the cause of a lot of unnecessary cost for many organisations.  We have built a calculator that takes the guesswork out of tariff selection.

Energy Audits: Our energy audits show you how your site is using electricity, where the opportunities to make cost savings are and the costs, savings, and pay-back periods of individual energy efficiency initiatives.  Anything else is just a “stab in the dark”.

Energy Brokerage: If your site uses more than 100,000kWh of electricity per year then you have many more options than staying with Ergon.  Other retailers will be happy to make you an offer and we can negotiate the best deal for you.  If you have already left Ergon but haven’t shopped around in a while, we may also be able to help.  And here is a good piece of free advice – don’t leave it until your current contract is about to expire, get on to it around six months before.

Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies: If you speak to ten different solar installation companies you will get ten different views on what size system you should install and what components you should use – and they will all be the best!

A feasibility study is a great first step in the process to make sure you get the right solar power system for your site.

Energy Efficiency Training: The cost savings delivered by solar or other energy efficiency initiatives can be eroded if you and your staff don’t have the knowledge of how to use them.  Our energy efficiency training is based on years of learning what our customers don’t know about energy use, tariffs, renewables and how different load groups contribute to high costs.

Energy Management Services