Townsville City Council Tariff Analysis

In the past, grid supplied electricity was relatively inexpensive and cost savings through tariff optimisation opportunities were limited. In recent years many changes have been made to tariff structures. Customers may now be classified as large or small depending on their annual energy consumption (small being less than 100,000kWh/year). New tariffs have been introduced while others are now obsolete. As these changes were introduced many accounts were moved to new tariffs. However, they were not necessarily moved to the tariff that is most cost effective for them.

Townsville City Council was operating approximately 550 electricity accounts. Tropical Energy Solutions was commissioned to conduct a tariff analysis of the most costly 90 accounts. We found that the top 10 accounts alone could be moved to alternative tariffs, providing annual savings of over $300,000 at current prices. As electricity prices increase so too will the savings. These tariff changes were possible with no capital expense and have been verified by the electricity retailer.