Lady Elliot Island – Hybrid Power System

The Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort is a 100 bed (plus 25 staff) tourism business on a remote island in South East Queensland. This project began with a Level 3 Energy Audit and recommended actions for significant savings in energy. At the completion of the Energy Audit Resort Management implemented low-cost energy saving measures which resulted in a 24% reduction in energy costs. Tropical Energy Solutions was then selected to design and supply a large solar power system for the resort. Commissioned in December 2008 the 110kW peak hybrid power system (HPS) is a fine example of leading edge technology that can operate reliably in tough tropical environments.

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The system was partly funded by the Australian Federal Government Renewable Remote Power Generation Program (RRPGP) which assisted in achieving a highly economical payback period from the reduced cost for diesel use, transport ans storage.

The system consists of SMA modular inverter system components, 96 Kyocera solar panels and 48 Sonnenschein VRLA batteries.

Adding to the peace and quiet on this remote island paradise the battery system allows the diesel generator to switch off overnight. It also saves thousands of dollars in fuel costs.

The solar panels provide up to 19.7kw peak of output allowing a much smaller generator to provide base load power during busy parts of the day.

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