Triple Zero Power Systems™


Imagine your home has no connection to the power grid! This is already the case for those living in remote areas or on the fringe of the grid. But now imagine that you don't need a generator and no bottled gas for cooking or water heating! And imagine that you are delivered a generous amount of power to your home without any noise or emissions! All this is possible today at a cost comparable to a medium size car ($30K) and with practically no maintenance requirements. We call these systems Triple Zero Power Systems™ because they mean:

- zero electricity bills

- zero fuel or gas bills

- zero emissions

At present most of our customers select the lower cost grid connected or hybrid power systems for which we have built a reputation of longevity and reliability. But now the technology exists to go one step further and in many cases it is possible to upgrade a grid connected system to a Triple Zero Power System. The added advantages are:

- no need to worry about future electricity tariff costs or feed-in-tariffs

- power supply when the grid is shut down

- stable voltage and frequency to protect your sensitive appliances

- no loss of solar power yields due to high grid voltages

- solar generating capacity of any size for those whose applications were rejected by their Distribution Network Service Provider (e.g.Ergon Energy)

Please call us or visit our offices in Townsville or Cairns for an obligation-free assessment of your site specific opportunities.We look forward to hearing from you.


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