Five Steps to Off-Grid

Five simple steps to connect your off-grid solar power project

Step 1: Understanding your needs

Many remote homesteads and businesses meet their electricity needs with diesel generator systems, without realising the benefits of solar and wind energy.

In this phase, one of our experienced renewable energy specialists will explain how solar, wind and diesel can work together to provide reliable and affordable energy in a hybrid power system. 

We aim to understand your existing system and local environment, be it the beach or the outback,  so that we can propose a system that suits your specific needs. 

Step 2: Sizing your system

Off-grid systems require special consideration when it comes to system size. Energy auditing and load profile development are the detailed steps we take in this phase to determine a system size that is suited to you, not too big and not too small.

Our system designs are flexible and can incorporate existing system components or allow for future extensions as your electricity needs expand. Energy savings opportunities are also identified in this phase to ensure you make the most out of the power you produce. 

If your off-grid system is for a new site, we will work closely with you to forecast future electricity consumption. 

Step 3: Finalising your system design

To finalise the specifics of your system requirements, we will conduct a site survey of the roof structure, existing wiring system and switchboard. This allows us to finalise the cost of you proposed system, meaning there are no hidden costs if you commit to your system installation.  

Step 4: Deciding to go green 

Once system all the system design, planning and costing is complete, it is time to give us the green light to indicate that you are ready for your off-grid installation to go ahead.
To initiate your off-grid installation, you will need to provide a deposit. At this stage we will create a project installation schedule to suit your requirements and will project manage your system installation.

Step 5: Finalising your system

By now your system has been successfully installed and commissioned.
Tropical Energy Solutions will prepare the paperwork to help you claim your Renewable Energy Certificate entitlements (called RECs or STCs).
You can sell your Renewable Energy Certificates directly to the market (at the current market rate) or we can help you sell them through the government's Clearing House. The fixed Clearing House price you will receive is $40 per certificate.
During this phase we will also issue you with our final invoice and will provide you with a comprehensive system folder, which includes all the relevant system design, component, warranty and maintenance information.

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